Gold in the blood

Red rain, falling like sulphur.
Staining the world and the paper people.
Fold, recycle, cut and paste.
A papercut on this heart, opening for the light.
Blow your love into my brain.
Mist my eyes and let me slip into a miasmic dream.
Heady and concentrated.
Addiction is my latest mission.
Feeling you pin prick my fingertips.
You rock, paper, scissor me out.
Winning through with luck and bad taste.
Sending stinging sensations through my blood.
Singing me to sleep with a silent orchestra.
You banish the ghosts from these cobwebbed chasms.
Empty of love and anything bright.
No we dance in the sun, shining like silver and precious stones.
You weigh me down with this gold you shoot into my veins.
Holding me secure, better than gravity, for fear I would float away.


8 thoughts on “Gold in the blood

  1. Addiction is my latest mission – interesting choice of words. Could addiction actually be a conscious choice after familiarity sets in or an involuntary reaction to something so enticing? And to make it a mission – I feel the power in this statement. I think we use the words – I am addicted to such and such – yet not really understanding the implication, that we are giving up control to another person or thing. Love all the contradictions in your words. Red sulphur and silent orchestra such gems – I may become addicted to them!


    • I hear it rains diamonds on Saturn. I like the idea of different colour rain, especially the paper people who all look the same but get dyed a different variation of one thing. A lot of contradictions indeed, nothing like a good paradox to get the mind whirling. Addictions are not just for the weak after all!

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      • “All those paper people living in their paper houses, burning the future to stay warm.” – in an alternate reality I think he and I would have been formidable rivals indeed!! I do like that thought about the coloured rain and we would become the colour of our feelings for that day and everyone would know just how the other felt and never need to ask and treat us with gentle understanding. I do think the strongest people are the ones that handle addictions the worse and usually would find a bigger pull to addiction on the contrary. Yes diamonds on Saturn! Always a girl’s best friend!! And with that thought I think I will have an amazing Monday morning here! Thank you for the diamonds you share!

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      • I would like to see the people stained by the colour of their emotions, but i think it would make me sad seeing so many people unhappy. Not to say they aren’t anyway, but the cold reality of it might be depressing….though you would also see the happy too i suppose. May your Moon-day and week ahead sparkle with luminous wonder!

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      • You said it right, we will see both, juts how much our heart and soul can afford to contend with, I suppose it would hurt some more gentle and empathetic souls. you would be sad, yes this I think I agree, you would want to heal all the sad ones immediately with magic wands and fairy fingertips. But I think I would rather know how people felt, I already feel too much and worry I get it wrong, colours would be a good hint. Then again not everyone may want their true feelings revealed. Oh I am having a superbly stardust and moonbeam kind of week so far. Always love talking poetry with you!

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