Shared spheres

On tarnished minds the earth does rest.
A swallow up in the rafters.
Breaking for the dawn.
The bended knee, the broken back.
How much weight is rested on those weary shoulders?
The magic is hidden young. Robbed when you weren’t looking.
Hidden in anniversary cards and chocolate eggs.
Luscious dreams to melt on your tongue.
But you tip this world over, looking for the things you’ve lost.
Things you never even had.
As you fade into the pages of the book of existence.
A noted inscription against your name.
That you were here, that you breathed and worried.
As that gloom may coil around your ankles.
And the sky temporarily goes grey.
This world will still spin on its aching axis.
A jewel shining against the blackness of space’s muddied windowpane.
And you remember, and never forget.
That we all feel the same.


4 thoughts on “Shared spheres

  1. loved this artwork so much! it reminds me of something I cannot put my finger on, like the art from folklore tales of long ago. “The magic is hidden young. Robbed when you weren’t looking”. – I liked this reminds me of how babies can see angels before they speak before speech robs them of the ability to “see”. Just for the feeling I get from reading this piece its one that will stick with me today. Beautiful words Mark!


  2. I really love the artwork on this one too. Symbolic and full of intricacies. As your words are, emotional intricacies. Worlds within worlds becoming more complex and tessellated, but the familiarity spins with the same ache. Beautiful poem…really loved this one!


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