Crawling out of a dream

My apologies please, I did not mean to interrupt.
Floating in my own dreams, a million miles above.
You tiptoe towards ascension, drinking in thoughts divine.
But fumbling in reality, and faith you think sublime.
I folded your bones in your sleep, cupped your tears as they fell.
Watched you swim in the shallowness, in pools of personal hell.
You want me to dream like you, and strip those trees bare.
And play forever with diamond sand, bowed deep in earthly prayer.
From vantage I watch the injured birds, in circles with broken wings.
Kept together by the glue of self, played on by other’s strings.
Chew over these observations, and golden words from God.
I apologise again once more, for the lesser things forgot.
So I cup you in my feathered hands, and wake you from the dream.
And do my best to understand, that things aren’t what they seem.
Vous êtes déjà Dieu, et déjà ce que vous connaissez.
Il est posé comme une graine immaculée, en attendant sa chance de grandir.


14 thoughts on “Crawling out of a dream

    • Ah ha, thank you very much. I like to play around with rhymes once in a while. Glad its your fav, nice of you to say and read my work. Appreciate it.


  1. Beautiful
    Hope not seen
    Yet safety & quiet found
    Need for control
    Belief that I can know and understand in my finiteness

    probably not what you meant, but your crazy, wonderful way with words always reaches deep inside my inner self bringing out their own meanings…thank you for sharing your gift


    • Thank you for reading and indulging them. This was part of the message, and definitely the notion of hope not seen. Something watching and there to offer help if only we ask. I’m glad this stirred something within you, best appreciation i could ask for.


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