Halfway there

Simple words have a lot to say.
Like the break between heartbeats.
Like waves hitting the sand.
To swim or drown in your fiery light.
You cover your eyes with intent. Stealing the beauty away.
Keep us trapped.
Keep us safe.
Locked into your skin like DNA.
Longing after life’s mystery.
Build the pyre from your bones and burn me inside out.
Collapse into your cells.
Tasting sweat and love with each gulp of air.
Here is where I want to end.


13 thoughts on “Halfway there

  1. i am all for simple words that say much, its the heart speaking after all, the mind is too full of intelligent talk, tat means nothing, another one of your poetry pieces that makes me want to sigh as I read, such beauty in the simple gentle words. collapse into your cells – a lovely way to go after the day is over and wanting comfort. we van get it from knowing ourselves a little better.


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