The lovers 2 

the little spark

Shall I leave film school to write? He couldn’t answer.. He loved her work regardless what it was. He too a writer and an artistic soul. They watched movies together, unendingly. Discussing concepts of Rilke’ letters to a young poet, the Third Man, Godard’s editing and storytelling, Truffaut’ gentility, Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha.. they never tired of talking to each other. Every book, movie, philosophy, song that inspired them, was shared between them. They were, as if born together, in one womb. She loved to draw and he didn’t draw much. But he loved film and would one day become a director. She was an artist in his mind. Not just an artist but art itself. Passion and peace colliding within her. His muse. She saw in him all of his genius and pain. He’d learn languages and they’d teach each other. He taught himself piano and guitar as had she…

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