Echoes in Space – Out now

Out now in both ebook and Paperback.
Click here to buy, or here to read more.

Echoes cover


2 thoughts on “Echoes in Space – Out now

  1. Reblogged this on Singledust and commented:
    I read this from his book excerpt and it gave me shivers. A new book from an amazing writer and my beautiful friend Mark Ryan.

    “North of the North Pole, you see the Pisces rising. Breaking the horizon like the eye of God. Meaningless words uttered in constellation, bringing us closer to the end. The black hole within all of us, threatening to devour and place us somewhere else in time.
    Travel into this corroding galaxy with poems and insights of birth, life and death. A final spatial opus while the galaxies drip down and slip out of view.

    Echoes in Space is a collection of poetry designed to take you out of this gravity’s pull and allow your imagination to voyage around the stars, touching on the spiritual, the familiar and the most alien of emotions.”

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