Metempsychosis process

Stop the clocks and burn the books.
Too many reasons and motives.
Give me something I can now believe in.
To peel off my bones and to rest upon my heart.
Take us back to the start.
Gather up the pieces of the broken.
Pulled down marbled statues of the gods of ourselves.
Diminish and restore. Re-surge and adore.
The tiny copper heart. The china cupped girl.
Things that can be stored in the cupboard of god.
Sprinkled with spice and the nectar of the familiar.
Don’t talk to me now of being alone.
Hold the tongue that speaks of a frozen heart.
Thaw on my brain and melt into mecca.
A shiny version of you.


9 thoughts on “Metempsychosis process

  1. things always better at the start, I always wonder why people change, when I stay the same, or maybe they don’t like the scent of me – says an inner wolf rising in the dark! your words evoke deep contemplation for me this morning.


    • Always good to have a little think over one’s journey. I think everyone changes and sheds certain layers, like taking cloths off a lamp to reveal the light underneath. We all have different rates of ‘undress’, it’s all our own travel.

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      • funny you should use that metaphor , I only realised someone covered up so much of himself and only now showing me the real person that I never knew existed. Like revealing the wolf under the sheep’s skin after it had snared the trusting lamb. But yes we also cover up a lot of our true selves for fear of being hurt. so its a complex and nasty situation to be in sometimes. I always love your insight.


      • this heart was stone, but it melted a little, that was the first mistake. Not to worry with friends like you its easy to have strength to build the wall and be safe again. Yes, wish them away, but never wish them ill.


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