She walked steadfastly onto the platform, her mind a buzz with silent yearnings to hear her name again over the muffled crowd. But it did not come. So she stood on the platform waiting for the train as a tear ran silently down her cheek. Only when the train had arrived and she’d boarded did she glance back to where she had left her.

She was nowhere to be seen….


And though a part of her would always be incomplete, she smiled in that moment, knowing that she would never be more beautifully damaged in a thousand lifetimes; and never wanted to be anything else.

Taken from ‘Imperfect, Impermanent and Incomplete’. Part of the short story collection ‘An Impermanence of things’ – Out now in eBook and Paperback.




  1. I never got to read this one. My memory on my iPhone is pretty much maxed out. Chris is talking about getting me an iPad, so I’ll get to enjoy it then.
    This is beautiful by the way. Especially her surrender in understanding that this one particular lifetime was her greatest trial. A gossamer beauty in that realization. At least, this is how I read it.


    • Thank you, is nice book end in the…urr, book. Hehe, and no worries, something nice to uncover hopefully…like finding toy treasure you buried when you were young. ipads are cheaper now, but is a pain you have to update them every so often . Maybe a kindle…they’re really cheap now 🙂

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