My earth gives way

Crawled from the cobwebs of a translucent dream.
Stretched out across the fingers of the gods.
Held down and wrapped by you, suffocated in love.
You’re in the air as I breathe.
The god particle that explodes within.
A bigger bang than the galaxy around us has ever witnessed.
The seismic shift of you.
Burrowing deep into these lava bones.


6 thoughts on “My earth gives way

  1. Magical glorification…what most want unless it becomes hazardous but love has its dangerous side. The one it is for is very blessed. 😉
    And I love the “God particle” reminds me of how In Kabbalah they talk about soul particles and how they merge back together to form a new soul in the reincarnation process. That’s how it work right? Did you tell me that, or maybe I read it?


    • I think you are showing your intelligence and ability to learn, that’s it but i believe you have absorbed that from somewhere other than me. I like that notion too, and though not romantic, we are all a part of one another…including god!

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