A lost tomorrow in today’s pocket

We’ll never be the same, crawling out of this chrysalis.
Rubbing the eyes of disillusionment with the fingers of the future.
Everything given, is repeated.
Swimming back around like sharks in the water.
The future begins to fade like a dying star.
Leaving the shelter behind, swept away in the storm.
Love came and went. Permeated, then evaporated like the morning fog.
How we longed to be held safe in those arms.
Rocked into safety as the grey melted.
but everything they gave, was taken away.
Leaving the skeleton bones and the residue of knowing.
A maddening knowledge of what the other is.
A long kiss in the desert to feed you water.
The cut on your wrist as you ascend to the surface.
The monsters flare their nostrils and whisper to me.
Asking me what the future should be.
So let it go. Let if dip and disappear like the day’s sun.
The yellowed eye of the universe closing for slumber.
Rebirthed, repackage for tomorrow.
Without the shame of today.


10 thoughts on “A lost tomorrow in today’s pocket

  1. spend only a moment thinking of what is lost then spend the rest of your moments on remembering the beauty it created in you. This speaks more than just words my friend. I hope the words are helping you heal in some way. It is a salve to me when I read them.


    • Words of strength and healing there, and ones i thoroughly subscribe to. this post was existential somewhat, but thank you for the thoughtful concern. You know me, always looking above anyway 🙂

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      • you always look above and light shines thorough you, but all who reflect light need recharging and soul satisfying too. You are strength in all the word means but I know you keep your cracks well sealed. Always concerned for good friends, and happy to know it was somewhat existential only!


      • I like to think you have the x-ray eyes to look into someone else see the possible. You may have your own sorrow and grey, but you flutter to the light like a moth, seeking the life giving warmth,. It’s a lovely quality and makes you even more beautiful.

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