the little spark

I wonder what she did. I wonder if they had planned the coup of you
The wild bird, the fierce spirit, fearless zeal, and heart alight.

Your bluest eyes narrowing the pathways of your brow squeezing in to examine

Lips pursed, did you question the timing of events?

Calling you back in need.. a need to shackle you and tame you.

To break you, to break the fire and power of your will. Did they conspire to confine you?

I wonder..

A witchcraft that had me hung and bound upside down in wait

In your hunger for me this impossible dream I waited for you to make us right

Your bitten nails to the quick the light stolen and put out in coal and ash.

Held in place, bound till you broke. Acquiesce to their whim, to their rule

Deceived by their plan to hold you. To capture your wild…

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