Love saves the day

In his heart, he couldn’t say.
Why on earth he was born that way.
And in his mind, his thoughts progressed.
His soul did ache, heave and compress.
For when he learned that there were others.
He pulled down deep within his covers.
And smiled a smile of understanding.
A powerful notion that was commanding.
That it didn’t matter if you like either gender.
It only mattered if the love was tender.
So he took their hand then stated proudly.
A message to the world yelled out so loudly.
That he loved them the most, come what may.
And in the end, love saves the day.


6 thoughts on “Love saves the day

  1. love always triumphs! I loved this! no matter what the circumstance we must always remember to love and know we are loved. This is the most tender poem my friend, my heart rejoices with the words you lay down.


    • Thank you, yeah there was a nice message that sometimes gets lost withe all the cheap sentiment sometimes. Love is love, and love is all we need. hehe Glad you liked it, it came through easily and was fun to construct.

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      • the word love does lose its value when used so carelessly, I always think truly liking and wanting to be with someone is so much more important than saying I love you because someone wants to hear it. Yes this was a most delightful piece Mark.


      • I agree somewhat, i also think there are many words and meanings relative to a person that makes it comparable. ‘I trust you’ coming from someone who has been broken and betrayed before might hold more weight than love. Though love has a tonne itself 🙂 Glad it got you thinking and you enjoyed it.

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      • “I trust you” that’s another powerful word, and when words come out of us , when we say it especially, it is a truth we cannot take back. You have such perception my friend I always feel like your soul was awakened millenia ago and now here to teach us the ways of the universe.


      • Thank you, though i feel covered in shells at times. We all teach one another, and is nice to surround ourselves with similar souls. Share the flame 🙂

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