These leaves, they cover and smother me as my mind claws and scrapes at the end.
Called down to the lake, past the rotting trees.
No one came looking for me.
Broken bones and a honeycomb heart that heaves to an old tune.
Tasting tears, and welcoming fears to consume and throttle me.
Adrift along that quiet sea of loneliness.
Watching the lighthouse of hope slip beneath the sky.


25 thoughts on “Run

  1. “Broken bones and a honeycomb heart that heaves to an old tune” is my favorite line from this. I imagined an old, dusty accordion substituting for where one’s chest might be.

    Strangely, this reminded me of ‘To The Lighthouse’ by Virginia Woolf. The mood… So it’s interesting that you also mentioned a “lighthouse of hope slip beneath the sky.”

    “But I beneath a rougher sea
    Was whelmed in deeper gulfs than he” ….

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    • I do love The Lighthouse, the mood is reminiscent indeed. Definitely from the same yoke. I like the accordion image, maybe punctured in parts and wheezing. Glad you enjoyed it, in all of it’s grey.

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  2. Depression can be so shattering to our psyches that it’s easier to be sunken into despair. Because the feelings are eventually numbing and we project our feelings onto our surroundings. The illness makes us believe in this nature of desolate. Even though it is extremely hard but brave to walk around with a honeycomb heart and not isolate…because sometimes the hope resurfaces when we see other’s perspectives. This is an insightful post. Reminded me of an old friend that would love nothing more then to rot with the beauty of nature. And lately I’ve been thinking about how we project our feelings onto our surroundings…been working on a writing about this myself. Sorry I rambled on. 😊


    • Ah, would be interested to see your thoughts on this. There is a quicksand nature to depression, and like you say, is defined by our perception and reflection. You are your environment after all. I think it all comes down to consciousness, and that its tied up with choice. It’s hard to choose the light, but sometimes necessary.

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