A Prayer dissected

Wings to fly, yet grounded.
The anchorage of my soul, gravitised to you.
The buildings and clouds climb above us.
Reaching up to god.
Trapped in this feeling, caught in the chaos of blinding resolution.
That glued my eyes open to the reality of it all.
Your feelings match the buildings so tall.
The reach and pull, and ascend away from me.
Into the space of another time.
Another life yet to be.
The weight of your world breaks my bones.
Splinters my soul and leaves me gasping for breath.
Split and scar the flesh to pull out the love.
Though there’s no need to cry.
China tears and crystal cries will only shatter in the echo,
of the words I spoke in pain, in dismantling the church of our hearts.
But keep that light on in our chapel.
The one that banishes the shadows, the things others know.
Those little pieces of our life mean more to me than those.
Let me devour them as you whisper in my ear.
‘You will again pray here.’


8 thoughts on “A Prayer dissected

  1. Very beautifully written! I love the mixtures of magnificent buildings compared with feelings and human intentions. The push and pulling away. I also love the depth in the line, “Trapped in this feeling, caught in the chaos of blinding resolution.”


    • Glad you liked it, i do feel trapped a lot and that was to highlight that ‘reality’ is perhaps what’s imposed upon us, not what actually is. It’s all a set up after all!

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  2. This relates to the discussion. You might find some insight.

    The last part is about thinking you’re trapped. Concentrates a lot on Buddhism and Taoism processes.


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