The Deep

Swim, with a mouthful of stars.
And kiss these lips underwater.
Pick a pearl that cloisters inside my mind.
Clutch it deep with your bones.
Washing over your heart.
Lining your veins in mother of pearl beauty.
Inside, all still wet and curious.
Like the seahorses that swim here in the shallows.
Your thoughts call to me like the sea inside a shell.
Echoing a world which wavers on the edge of temptation.
Suck the salt from my skin which slips over you.
Crush me in rapid waves of emotion.
As my fingers move to a new tide.
Parading across your body, wallowing in your deep.


10 thoughts on “The Deep

  1. This poem is incredible! I really think your my Anam Cara! We are so far apart but have similar things running in our minds. My next poem I’ve been picking away at is about a drawing I did years ago, but recently I added some new additions to it. It has seahorses in it!! I need to take some photos and put it up soon.
    Beautiful steamy underwater scenes in your poem!


    • That’s a nice thought, definitely seems to be an underground river we navigate together. Souls transcend space and matter i think, Cannot wait for your work and to see the photos and drawing! Maybe our muses can collide in a new collaboration soon….your turn to get the ball a tumbling! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know. Muses be working overtime! Got to get this ceramic sale done and I’ll be free…just in time for September’s anticipation for Hallow eve!


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