Oh Father

Trying to forget, in a month full of regrets.
Each one a paper cut on my tongue.
The sting and sing of a song never sung.
Oh father, please hear these crystal callings.
Tuneful as they resonate out of my bones.
It hurts deep within, now an avalanche of sin.
A snaking of something unknown.
This internal scaffolding rattles with every utterance.
Forgiveness seems to be someone else’s fate.
But I cough up a prayer, a confession;
my contrition aimed high into heaven.
As below my skeleton shatters to dust.
Silently, as I know I deserve it.


5 thoughts on “Oh Father

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  2. This reminded me of so many moments of feeling forsaken and disconnected from God — who is within and without — in those moments this feeling so well described here.. right before the breakdown and breakthrough and feeling of reconnection .. closed hearts close us off to what is always there. Nicely done.


  3. Thank you, i’m glad you got this from the piece. I think it’s good to strip everything away and get down to truth and bone of it all. That feeling of disconnection usually occurs before a new spark. It’s all about consciousness i suppose.


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