I don’t want this future

Sand flurries through these fingers.
Time crumbling away.
I stand motionless, allowing the wind to rattle my bones.
A cobweb in my mind tightens.
The earth shakes and my moon falls.
I want to return, go back. Sit and wait on the edge of existence.
Dip my feet into the pool on unknowing.
All the mysteries have answers.
All the faces now have frowns.
These clothes, this skin; all illusionary trinkets to dazzle and distort.
A box, a prison I have dug for myself.
My temptation tiptoes into time, and takes me away.
Above the towns and the moments I made.
I return to the tree from where I fell.
Safe and secure like a nut underground.
Buried and forgotten by last year’s squirrel.
I sit and wait, casting eyes up to the heavens.
Allow for the rains to wash it all away.
Soaking it deep in my veins to breathe a new now.
With my future, yet unwritten.
Writing in the coal I’m turning to diamonds.


4 thoughts on “I don’t want this future

  1. Thank you very much. It was a lament to nothing being ‘new’ anymore, as in there’s no more mysteries to life. But we create our futures really, so we make it what we want it to be. You are your environment after all.


    • But there are mysteries to life. In our digital age it’s easy to be cynical and think we know everything, but there are so many mysteries…the greatest of all being who we are “regenerating” into every time we reach a new beginning our lives. Living really is an adventure if we seek to create our own purpose…if we seek to let the pressures of life turn us into diamonds. GREAT work!!!!


      • And great message. You’re right, there are still adventures to be had. I like the idea of reinvention. Thanks for getting me to think.


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