Plucked from the mind, and scribbled into words. Here are my published titles:

Echoes in space
North of the North Pole, you see the Pisces rising. Breaking the horizon like the eye of God. Meaningless words uttered in constellation, bringing us closer to the end. The black hole within all of us, threatening to devour and place us somewhere else in time.

Travel into this corroding galaxy with poems and insights of birth, life and death. A final spatial opus while the galaxies drip down and slip out of view.

Echoes in Space is a collection of poetry designed to take you out of this gravity’s pull and allow your imagination to voyage around the stars, touching on the spiritual, the familiar and the most alien of emotions.


Impermanence of things
Nothing truly last forever. We dance on the fingertips of the ephemeral looking back to our footsteps in the sand. Along this journey, we encounter fables of construction in our mind and stories we wish to tell.

A collection of short stories that take you back in time, statically to the present and forward deep within your own heart. From the sadness surrounding The Astronaut to the evil that dwells at Anaxbly House in Souls in the Wind; we come full circle to the beautifully damaged understanding of Imperfect, impermanent, & incomplete, where acceptance of imperfection is the liberation we all desire.

We come alone, and all in pieces.


Drifting in and out of sleep
Trying to remember where it all began, when I first started to feel this way. Is this real or am I still asleep? The hypnagogic state of uncertainty. Knowing the unfamiliar through the transitional magnitude of moments. Come with me, follow the path through snow covered lands into churches of splendour that play out a life steeped in love and lonely anger. Stay a while, and leave me where you find me; lying in bed and thinking of you, as I drift in and out of sleep…

Charting the spiral and ascension into something beyond, ‘Drifting in and out of sleep’ is a mix of stories and poems which bleed into one another over space, time and mortality. Starting in the snow covered forests of unknowing-ness, it traces the steps that mirror life; through emotional dependence, God, love and coming to the ever reaching self-absorption of space.

41uvbjc7isl-_uy250_Keep it together
It’s the summer of 1977, and in the middle of a blazing heat wave, the estranged children of the wealthy and eccentric Van-Blacks all gather at the infamous Nova-Manor to discuss recent family developments over Fourth of July weekend. Their father is dying, and now wishes to build some bridges with his children before he shuffles off the mortal coil. However, things begin to take an unusual twist with the arrival of Miss T., a Jamaican fortune teller who sweeps in under an air of mystery to perform a séance.

Secrets and truths slowly begin to be uncovered, helped along by the butler Mr Perkins, who knows more about the past then perhaps he should. Ghosts, storms and mysteries in the attic all explode over the holiday weekend along with the fireworks. With a body on their hands and new truths revealed, they are all forced to question whether they can live with the knowledge someone they love is a capable of murder. Independence comes at a price, and not everything is what it seems as they try to keep it together.

51gttw6gvxl-_uy250_Pendulum Days: Book I (Afraid)
Avoiding the school bullies was Zach’s main objective when heading home after one particularly crummy day at school. That, and keeping a safe distance from the creepy, and no doubt haunted, Lore House on Henley Avenue. However, after being pursued by a demon dog and a mysterious figure in the rain, Zach falls from a tree breaking his leg, leaving him to question what happened to him within the blank period of time.
To help him through his convalescence, his best friend Grace brings him over an old ornate book she recently found in her attic. ‘Fractured Fairytales’ seems aptly titled to Zach while he recovers his broken bones, and the stories the book contains lead him into adventures he never could have imagined.
What Zach doesn’t know just yet, is just how much of a part he will play in these seemingly harmless fairy tales.

His world begins to blur when the monsters and myths within the pages, take on those that inhabit his neighbourhood, and it’s up to himself and Grace to save his life from becoming another turn of a page.

51pnj73xdul-_uy250_ Pendulum Days: Book II (Purgatory)
With his leg now in a cast and confined to his bedroom, Zach delves deeper into the mysterious book his best friend Grace recently found in her attic. But the strange set of circumstance he has found himself in only grow when he starts to hear strange noises in his own attic, added by odd names on his wall and magical items in an old box. Feeling isolated and alone, the lines between the stories he’s reading and those taking place around him begin to fuse together even further.

Who is the old man in Lore house, how did Zach get home that day, what are those strange objects in the attic….is any of this real? Continue Zach’s adventures in the second book of the Pendulum Days series, Book II – Purgatory.

cover-mainGhosts by Proxy

Emotions can sometimes take hold, grip you like a vice and force you to act, and react, to strange situations; which in hindsight, could be handled without the rawness of an emotive state.

But then nobody is perfect.

Here are a collection of poems covering themes such as: Anger, Indifference, Sadness, Hope and Love all set against the backdrop of ‘The Trial of the Century’, witnesses come forward to tell their own tales in view of the supposed crimes.

The witnesses just happen to be ghosts.

This collection of poems tackles human emotions that range from the fantastic to the absurd, telescoped in to one person’s renderings through life and love, and all that is in between.

51xzzjzafl-_uy250_A Substitute for God: Religion & Film

Religion has long since been a dominant theme within Art, permeating such arenas as Theatre, Dance, Literature and Music. Film is no different, and religion; be it subtle or overt, has had its influence and impact on Cinema and the cinematic landscape since its inception.

This study looks at the relationship religion has with film, looking closely at selective motion pictures; ‘The Passion of the Christ’, ‘The Exorcist’, ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’, ‘Agnes of God’ and ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’.

Incorporating its attitudes with audience reception and interpretation, along with the cultural importance and relevance in contemporary film.