Wishing eyes could forget a pain so apparent.
Splitting the soul and the city apart.
Stumbling along a lonely corridor, with the lights turned off by god.
Do not be afraid to come together.
Our cells and blood mix to forge a unity of peace.
Underneath a heart that beats a rhythm of understanding.
A closed door and bolted window will not keep the house from burning.
Give me you hand in silence, or in a roar of prejudice.
Beat out, not the sinful or misunderstood from the skin.
Let a serum of forgiveness seep within.
Into your eyes that have cried bloody tears.
And veins pumped full of hate and fear.
To take a hand and love the scars.
Ones that have touched the essence of any god, is still divine.
And pray the world feels the same.
And within the ground ignite the spark.
That banishes pain and all the dark.

Perilous Pilgrimage

I feel so sad, what you did isn’t right.
It crawls into me like the cold, and settles for days ahead.
These emotions prickle with fear, unsure of the wavering.
Unsure of the horror to come.
We bunker down for the winter ahead, the early winter that never really left.
You climb out of it so quickly, please don’t leave me here covered with this.
Baptise me in your tears, as I swim in my own.
Down to the depths where the monsters sleep.
All this chatter, and all this delay just keeps me from you.
A traveller on the road, passing temples and pyramids alone.
Do I rest here, do I seep into the soil and sand? Mummifying our love for a thousand more years?
There is no doubt of your divinity, your cruel punishments are of a biblical nature.
You are the God I yearn for, who loved me in thy own image, but asks me to change.
I will make my way, I will climb and move the mountain. Yet I will leave breadcrumbs in my wake.
I’ll meet you there, on the hill with no name while we look to the stars.
You will see our love, burning across the cosmos, trailing the Holy Ghost.
You are my Mecca, you will also be my shroud.