These Dreams


Where do the dreams go to die?
The great throes of a beast whose being shines with an energy of a lifetime.
The elephant graveyard of hopes, where the bones crumble and crack in the burning sun of reality.
Do they die at all, or hibernate under the covers of life.
Forgotten about until the final hour, to flash across our eyes like signs on a road never taken.
These dreams wither; they fold and float away on the winds of existence.
Spirited away like the seasons of youth.
Like leaves from a tree they decay.
Never watered, chopped down before the seed ever even germinates.
These dreams, forever in my mind yet always out of reach.

Preserved in time

I heard it crawling over me.
Dragging me down. Pulling me under.
Like every memory I ever heard.
Hard and course like pennies in my skull.
The ships they sail, close in all around.
A plundering armada to sweep me away from you.
To drown me at sea.
Maybe this is how it was meant to be.
Like the lamps lit a lifetime before my soul walked this earth.
Burning away my thread, held taught in the fingers of fate.
I shiver these thoughts out. Stuck in stasis.
Sucking dinosaur blood.
Watching for comets.
Look for me tomorrow, frozen in amber.
Chasing my own tail, dreaming ruby dreams.