This is now your lament

Turning to fire in the diamond white sky.
Blaze across our memories like a dying comet.
Let go of disappointments, and feel the ground instead.
Touch my soul and feel your bones shake.
Then feel it in my heartbeats.
Singing out a rhythm as you dance to a heavenly tune.
We watched as you collapsed.
Imploded like a supernova of shame.
Yet do not decay and float away on the solar winds.
Cast you tear stained stars all over our indigo horizon.
Take the strides and tides that rip and pull at us away.
And leave us in the breeze of your wake.
Reaching up to heaven in our own floric ascent.
Like a frozen flower in a meadow of dust.
Locked for eternity, in the pull of your divine gravity.
Shed not a glance at our artic distress.
For we melt on the inside, knowing you are safe.


Chaos capable

I ran from you. Part me, part God.
Up into the trees. To the cobwebs in my head.
Waiting for you to shake the branches.
In your wisdom you never did.
You never changed. You didn’t have to.
Let me taste the death on my own.
Licking the love clean till the stone showed.
Hard as nails now.
Cracking under strain. Splitting at the seams. I dissolve.
Struggling to integrate, bypass and subjugate any longer.
You let it wash over you like ash. My chaotic waves as you disappear into the horizon.
Like an apparition, you drift into the fog, never looking back.
Like a mourner I remain, chained to our remains.
Wound licking, account ticking. Marking off any acceptable losses.
Coming up empty.
Your black grave opened up, and I dove in.
Canned chaos and tears. Forever lamenting.