This elliptical orbit that spins inside.
Gravitates to your inner moon.
A sea tide of the soul that shrinks in time.
In purpose.
My will.
A thousand suns of shame.
Burning away my eyes, to stop the tears.



Waking up and following the star, the one that dazzles and tempts.
Wondrous offerings of stardust and heroin.
Death is not the enemy.
The flat line, the one foot in the soil.
Hospital beds and pharmacies.
It’s all a commercial for heaven.
My journey that started with such abandon, where has it led me?
After all, I’m not where I want to be.
If I’m honest, I’m ashamed. Stuck in mortality, delicious sweet vitality.
My tank is far from empty, yet there’s water in the fuel.
What is now ahead, what is the remedy?
Will God take her time?
Tick tock clocks and crocodile teeth. Shaking in the can of life.
All it takes is one decision.


The smell of pine, the taste of shame.
Feeling the snow below me and all around skin.
Morning Mr Magpie, did you steal my heart today?
Frozen in hibernation until you decide to bring me back to life.
Until you revive it, breathe Scandinavian air into the lungs of us.
Little by little, our love capillary refill.
Stretch skin across the sun, as the bear below waits for a tasty snack.
My eyes vibrate shut, the cool state of not-knowing. Anticipating/antithesis.
Given up the ghosts and ready to live again. Ready to love you again.